you bet your skin

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The novel is dark, funny, and relevant.


When it comes to crafting violence, video game designer Vinny Vanilla is at the top of his craft. Cocooned in a virtual world of work, he is secure and content, but when it comes to dealing with reality, he can't cope. Harried by a dependent family, unrelenting money problems, and a lover and a boss he cannot please, he's running on the ragged edge. In spite of everything, Vinny's an optimist. His latest creation, Hammerman - Blood Warrior, is topping the gaming charts and Stalking Justice - The Ultimate Game of Getting Even, will take gamers where they've never gone before -- if he can just find time to fix the skewing errors.

Meanwhile, mayhem, kidnapping, and credit cancer are epidemic. Acquired skin disease is changing the colors of the races around the world. War is looming. It's election time and voters are desperate for a leader who will protect them. Vinny gets a call: upgrade Hammerman - Blood Warrior to candidate for president. "And why not a video game hero for president, actors get elected to highest office every day."

Concerned about program skewing errors, Vinny waffles. But the powerbrokers have no patience. He is attacked, financially ruined, and his lover and father disappear. The message is clear. He must complete the metamorphosis of Hammerman and release him in Stalking Justice. As the deadly game goes public Vinny is forced to contend with the consequences and a personal life he can no longer avoid.

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